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Fair Weather Yogi?! - Tips for staying consistent!

It happens to us're consistently practising, and then summer arrives and it seems hard to squeeze your yoga in!

Keeping consistency in your yoga practice can sometimes feel like a chore, so here are our tips for keeping things fresh.

1. What is your intention?

Perhaps you've set a goal to work towards a particular pose? Or maybe you get on your mat to clear your head? Whatever your intention is, holding it in mind when we roll out our mats can help bring about a new level of dedication and discipline.

2. Carve out the time.

It's so easy to feel like you will make the time...until it runs away with you! Set out a particular time for the day and schedule it in, whether it's with a teacher or your own self practice.

It doesn't need to be an hour, ten minutes to move and breathe might be all it takes.

3. Yoga is more than Asana.

Whilst Asana, (the physical practice of yoga) can often feel like the most important part of your practice, meditation and breathwork can be just as valuable tools to help you feel connected . Maybe five minutes of focusing on your breath is all you can manage for the day! Remember it's all part of the journey.

Whether you take a break or stay consistent, remember your yoga practice is always there to pick back up. Go easy on yourself and enjoy the peaks and valleys a practice brings!

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