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Sambaddha Family 

Community Space 

Welcome to the Sambaddha family. 

This is a space to feel welcomed, held, and part of something. 

A space to explore the deeper parts of yourself. To learn, to grow, and evolve. 

To be seen and heard, and to be able to feel a part of something with like-minded souls. 

To feel empowered and liberated. To come home to your truest self. 

A space where I give you practices that help you to do just this, whilst being the support network you've always needed. 

About Sara 

Sara Fakih is an international yoga/somatic/dance teacher with over 800hrs of training.

She also holds healing circles and facilitates dance experiences, journeys & cacao ceremonies.

Creatrix of Sambaddha The Practice, Sara is a Yoga, Somatic & Movement teacher, A Maturation & Embodiment coach, Sound practitioner, Empowerment guide, Freedom explorer & Medicine woman.

She firmly believes in helping others to become more connected to the wisdom of their bodies and to feel more whilst healing their nervous systems.


What to expect

A Monthly live movement practice, a monthly pre-recorded meditation, and a monthly live sharing circle/ceremony with an opportunity to be coached or just to share. You'll also be able to access Sara's pre-recorded catalogue of Yin and Sambaddha practices. 

Dive in to the catalogue below...

Yin | Catch up | 15th April
Yin | Catch up | 8th April
Yin | Catch up | 25th March
Yin | Catch up | 11th March
Yin | Catch up | 4th March
Yin | Catch up | 26th Feb

Join the Lives 

Click below to book and join your monthly live practices. 


Monthly Move

Join Sara for a monthly movement practice. From Sambaddha to Yin, to free movement. This is the space to move your body. 

drum in the forest 2.jpeg

Monthly Share

Join Sara for a monthly circle. An time to share and have the opportunity to be coached and guided. This is your space for community. 

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